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National Geographic


    • Arctic show


      When the winter ends the first polar bear mothers with their young appear from their dens in the snow.

    • The Great Divide show

      The Great Divide

      The Caucasian Mountains are a link between Europe and Asia, the highest peaks of this rugged range are well over 5000 metres.

    • Kamchatka show


      On the peninsula of Kamchatka in Russia’s Far East is a dramatic landscape, Stellar’s Sea Eagles fight for access to...

    • Siberia show


      SIBERIA, RUSSIA - Lake Baikal - The pearl of Siberia. One of the biggest fresh water reservoirs on Earth.

    • The Secret Forest show

      The Secret Forest

      The coasts of Ussuriland - Here the endless Siberian forests end to give way for an exotic Asian coastline.

    • Primeval Valleys show

      Primeval Valleys

      Ural Mountains, Russia - Pechero-Ilytch National Park in the Northern Ural Mountains.