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  • Opposing Points show

    Opposing Points

    Both sides of the medical marijuana debate have valid points of view and have soap boxes to share them.

  • Campaining for Cash show

    Campaining for Cash

    Running a campaign is not cheap so to cover all the expenses it is time for a fundraiser.

  • Home Grow Police Raid show

    Home Grow Police Raid

    Investigators are tipped off on a private home where several live and dried marijuana plants are left out.

  • Last Day At the Dispensary show

    Last Day At the Dispensary

    Alex Douglas trains his replacement on his final day as manager of North Boulder Wellness Center.

  • In Plain Site show

    In Plain Site

    It is illegal to grow medical marijuana in public view as these growers find out.

  • Pain Management show

    Pain Management

    Grape Ape is a strand often used for pain management.

  • Jason show


    Jason, a former pro-skater smokes for functional pain relief after suffering servere injuries.

  • Office Grow show

    Office Grow

    Door after door opens to rooms filled with marijuana growth.

  • Dispensary Woes show

    Dispensary Woes

    As the vote approaches some dispensaries like Emerald Pathway feel the stress of mounting bills.

  • Reefer Robbery show

    Reefer Robbery

    Even with security measures in place, this dispensary faced a serious robbery attack.

  • Anticipating the Count show

    Anticipating the Count

    In Fort Collins, the votes are in and everyone is waiting with anticipation for the final tally to reveal the fate of medical...

  • Stocking Up show

    Stocking Up

    Some medical marijuana patients are stocking up in case the vote bans medical marijuana.