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Do apes and humans have the same way of flirting and trying to hook up?  Do men meeting for the first time look classically like chimpanzees establishing dominance? And do children sneaking candy parallel chimps deceiving their alpha male? Six million years ago we branched off from the family tree we share with our ape cousins and monkey uncles. We may have evolved since then, but there's still an ape in all of us. With all the benefits that come with being the alpha male it's no surprise that male apes have to fight to get to the top. But it's not just our chimpanzee cousins who are in a constant struggle for power. From the world leader's power walk and the CEO's dominance posture, to our subtle everyday power struggles with strangers. By observing the primate world and setting up near identical social experiments with humans, Ape Man explores the root of our basic behavior – our inner ape.



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    Who's Boss?

    A team of guys battle for control of the group while a hidden camera spies on them.

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