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Relive the incredible real-life stories of those who have been caught smuggling drugs through international borders. They should have known better, but now they must pay a huge price.

The season 13 includes the extraordinary stories of bachata singer Jimmy Bauer attempts to make some extra cash by smuggling heroin into the US, the decision leads him to a brutal life behind bars in the Dominican Republic; Jesse Moskel heads to South Korea to escape his addictions. The local drug scene quickly lures him in; soon, he's running his own smuggling operation and ends up as one of the most wanted men in Asia; single mother Heather Ebling is detained in a Colombian airport with drugs in her luggage. Promptly arrested, she is sent to jail, where the ever-present threat of violence becomes too much to bear; after Miami mobster Tony Galeota is locked up in prison for drug dealing and human trafficking, the brutally violent conditions become too much to bear. Soon, he attempts an audacious escape.