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In Bears Of The Last Frontier, get up close and personal with one of Alaska's most feared creatures.

Alaska is one of the last places in North America that is still wild enough for bears. Join Ecologist Chris Morgan as he meets the bears of this wilderness to dispel the myths surrounding them.

Bears Of The Last Frontier: Alaska Wild
On an isolated stretch of coastline, Chris camps alongside one of the world's largest populations of brown bears. Starting as they wake from their hibernation, he follows the bears through a whole season, but will they tolerate his presence?

Bears Of The Last Frontier: Grizzlies
Chris visits Anchorage, where black bears co-exist uneasily with people, effortlessly climbing fences and invading gardens for food. Heading further north he then returns to Alaska's interior, where the local grizzlies lead a tough life on the slopes of Mount Denali.

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