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    • Top Banana Battle show

      Top Banana Battle

      The dominant male baboons do battle to find out who's top banana of the house.

    • Bathroom Habits show

      Bathroom Habits

      The baboons constantly eat and constantly relieve themselves, all over the house.

    • First Fork show

      First Fork

      In their first Fork challenge, the baboons attempt two challenges in order to obtain food.

    • Bakery Raider show

      Bakery Raider

      A baboon with a sweet tooth is a constant menace at a bakery in town.

    • Beachside Baboons show

      Beachside Baboons

      In high spirits after winning food, Harry leads the troop to the beach for a day of fun.

    • A Visit From Santa show

      A Visit From Santa

      Jolly Old Saint Nick visits the Big Baboon House to see who's been naughty or nice.