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Randy Guijerro, an average man with a penchant for American West memorabilia, walks into an antique shop in Fresno, CA and buys an old tintype photograph that catches his eye for $2.00. The subject of the photo, a group of people engaged in a game of croquet, the composition, and the setting all lead he and his wife, Linda, to suspect that the tintype is anything but ordinary. They believe that among the women and children in the photo is the notorious gunslinger and outlaw Billy the Kid with members of his posse, The Regulators. The historical significance of such a photo is nearly unprecedented. There has been only one legitimate photograph of Billy the Kid that has ever surfaced: the famous Upham tintype, which sold at auction for 2.3 million dollars to Bill Koch in 2011. If Randy and Linda’s photo passes the gauntlet of expert scrutiny, their photo could be worth ten times the...
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