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    • Fault Lines show

      Fault Lines

      Watch as scientists use new technology to track and trace fault lines on the earth’s surface.

    • The Alps show

      The Alps

      Scientists work to try and understand how sea creatures are fossilised in the rock walls of the alps, hundreds of kilometres...

    • Volcano Research show

      Volcano Research

      Volcano researchers discuss the eruption that occurred on Iceland in 2010 and what the future holds for this small island.

    • Volcanologists show


      Volcanologists scale a nearby volcano in an attempt to gather data using a thermal camera and take samples of the toxic gases...

    • Cave Exploration show

      Cave Exploration

      Watch as cave experts take you underground and explore one of Slovenia’s 27 kilometre underground rivers.

    • Rock Slides show

      Rock Slides

      Scientists discuss what will happen when the side of a mountain breaks off and slides into the sea.