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    • Airborne Rescue show

      Airborne Rescue

      From bomb-sniffer dogs to guide dogs, meet the canines that do important and sometimes dangerous work.

    • Puppies Behind Bars show

      Puppies Behind Bars

      This black Labrador is training to become an explosive detection dog in one of New Jersey’s toughest prisons.

    • Guide Dogs show

      Guide Dogs

      Guide dog Lancer navigates through mazes and obstacle courses at a training campus.

    • Super Hounds show

      Super Hounds

      Meet the hardest working dogs in the business.

    • NYPD Hounds show

      NYPD Hounds

      Meet the blue collar coppers who tackle crime in one of the busiest cities in the world.

    • Canine Customs Officers show

      Canine Customs Officers

      See the elite team of four-legged foot soldiers out to collar cross border criminals.