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    • Daytona Bike Week show

      Daytona Bike Week

      Zach bets Lynch that he can’t sell a bike while in Daytona and whoever loses has to wear a dress.

    • Toys For Big Boys show

      Toys For Big Boys

      While searching for a sportster bike, the guys stumble upon a playground of big boy toys!

    • Baby vs Bike! show

      Baby vs Bike!

      A bike owner’s wife has tricked him into selling his 1970 Triumph for their new baby!

    • A "Girly" Makeover show

      A "Girly" Makeover

      Cameron and Lynch hit the street to find out what girls like on their motorcycles.

    • Running On Nitrous show

      Running On Nitrous

      Cameron is at the dentist for a bad tooth and he gets the full gamut of meds to ease his pain!

    • Is Something Burning? show

      Is Something Burning?

      Someone accidentally damages a newly painted Ducati tail section in the oven.

    • It Just Doesn't Look Right show

      It Just Doesn't Look Right

      The Master himself, Arlen Ness, helps Bryan with the old school fender on the “tail dragger”.

    • Use the Force show

      Use the Force

      A new client comes in requesting a stormtrooper-white motorcycle for his upcoming trip to Comic-Con.

    • Trip to the Cat House show

      Trip to the Cat House

      Cameron gets a call about a motorcycle he really wants but he has to travel to a cat house.

    • Negotiate That! show

      Negotiate That!

      Cameron and Zach have come across a diamond in the rough but negotiating is getting difficult.