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Behind the bright lights and bustling streets, Britain's cities are also home to some of the country's biggest criminals. Britain's Underworld lifts the lid on the crime lords who have flourished in Britain's roughest, toughest cities - from the 1950s petty-safe blowers to the drug kingpins of the nineties. Told by the police and some of the ruthless gangsters themselves, this gripping series reveals how gangs have shaped the streets and changed the very nature of UK crime.

Always a tough town, Glasgow has long held the reputation of being Britain's most deadly city. In the first episode hear about brutal gangland hits and a lethal turf war conducted by ice-cream van drivers. Then meet Glasgow's first godfather who flourished from local hardman to become the mastermind behind an epidemic of armed robberies, as we expose how Scotland's second city turned to crime.

Episode two goes to...

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