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For Cesar Milan, pit bulls – and other dogs classified among the so-called "bully breeds" -- aren't bullies at all. If anything, Cesar’s years with his former co-star and best pal, Daddy, taught the internationally acclaimed dog expert that pit bulls are not the aggressive monsters that their detractors claim they are.  In fact they are highly intelligent and, with proper training, can be loyal and loving companions.  In this compelling one-hour special, Cesar and his current pitbull pal, Junior, take a very personal journey in an effort to make the case that it’s not just pit bulls - but humans - that need to be trained to get along. Incorporating home movies, rare photos and other personal remembrances of Cesar and Daddy, Cesar will travel across the country to meet with everyone from pit bull breeders and celebrity supporters to people who rescue these dogs from abuse –...
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Cesar Millan: Love My Pit Bull on Facebook

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