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    • The Man Behind the Leash show

      The Man Behind the Leash

      Ron’s family is shocked by how calm Savannah is around Cesar, but once Ron reclaims ownership of the leash, Savannah reverts...

    • Apartment Complex Bullies show

      Apartment Complex Bullies

      A neighbor arranges for Emily and Jay to bring their dogs into the courtyard so Cesar can intervene on their bad behavior.

    • Gunny Loses His Cool show

      Gunny Loses His Cool

      Cesar puts Gunny in a pen with his pack to test how easily he gets excited around his dogs. When things start to go south, a...

    • Case File: Gunny and Bastian show

      Case File: Gunny and Bastian

      Jim and Joy own two dogs that are wreaking havoc at their horse training facility and seriously threatening their toddler's life.

    • Nurturing Confidence show

      Nurturing Confidence

      Cesar is evaluating whether or not Missy is an aggressive dog with the help of his dog Junior.

    • Attitude is Everything show

      Attitude is Everything

      Dog owner, Takis, refuses to admit that his dogs are out of control, forcing Cesar to intervene.

    • Neighborhood Bullies show

      Neighborhood Bullies

      Cesar is observing a case of two local boxers who are terrorizing the neighborhood.

    • Introducing Titan! show

      Introducing Titan!

      Cesar is rehabbing Titan, an anxious and insecure dog at the Dog Psychology Center.