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Sculptural, architectural and stunningly beautiful.  The world’s glaciers are one of nature’s most impressive and enduring backdrops – epic in size and grandeur.  They are also a massive, undeniable casualty of climate change.  Now, internationally-acclaimed photographer James Balog has captured hundreds of thousands of majestic glacier images that serve as unprecedented visual evidence – grabbing at the gut and allowing us to visualise the change first-hand.  

CHASING ICE, winner of best cinematography at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, documents Balog’s three-year quest to capture the natural world in transformation.  Placing 25 time-lapse cameras in Iceland, Greenland, Alaska and Montana, Balog’s lenses bear witness to the tension between the huge, enduring power of the glaciers and their ultimate fragility as they crumble piece-by-piece into the ocean.  Compressing...
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