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One of the world’s leading gelada baboon experts integrates into a troop of gelada cliffhangers in Ethiopia.

Cliffhangers follows the dramas in the social life of Ethiopia's Gelada monkeys, as seen through the eyes of wildlife biologist Chad Hunter. The series takes viewers into a spectacular volcanic landscape on a high plateau in the remote Ethiopian highlands, where Chad has spent the last seven years getting up close and personal with these extraordinary animals. He introduces us to the tough world of ritualised violence and sudden confrontations where gelada males vie for female favours and the tenure of the alpha male only lasts as long as the next serious challenge. For example, Sampson is one of his oldest buddies and Chad has watched him grow into a full-blooded male with a family of his own. But Sampson is in trouble. His females are disgruntled and the bachelors are waiting in the wings. It's the way of all geladas, family males - those with prized females at stake - must contend with lustful bachelor foes. The head bachelor, Chewbacca, is in his prime and will inevitably stage a take-over bid. Chad fears the worst for Sampson and can only watch to see if his fears are confirmed.

Chad is an honorary Gelada, in fact he knows all there is to know about this unusual species, and he takes viewers deep into their world, where fights, group takeovers and love affairs play out like a human soap opera.