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The Costa Serena cost 450 million Euros to build, and can carry almost 3800 passengers on each cruise 1,000 crew members – all of whom spend most of their lives at sea.

The Serena has 14 guest decks, a theatre that seats 1,400 people, four pool decks and over 20 entertainment areas.

Being part of one of the world’s few green fleets, the ship burns two types of fuel – low carbon for use within four kilometres of any port to limit air pollution and regular, higher carbon fuel for use once the ship is out to sea.

The Costa Serena is loaded with 230,000 kilograms of food at the start of its journey.

Before the ship leaves the port, the storerooms will be filled with, among other things, 1,600 kilograms of pasta and 2,500 kilograms of fresh tomatoes.

The galley is a restricted area that lies in the centre of the ship. It produces 6,000 appetizers, 13,000 main meals and 800 kilograms of bread everyday.

The ship travels at a cruising speed of 21 knots, or 40 kilometres per hour.

The Costa Serena has six enormous diesel generators, each producing 12,600 kilowatts of power.

The Costa Serena is more powerful than 200 Ferrari sports cars, and weighs more than 600 jumbo jets.

The Costa Serena is longer than the London bridge and her decks cover more space than 20 football fields.

The Costa Serena is stocked with over 5,000 bottles of wine and about 30,00 litres of beer.

Every week the ship loads 500 kilograms of parmesan cheese and at least 24 other varieties.

The Costa Serena chefs and their staff prepare 16,000 desserts daily.

Unlike an international flight, the Costa Serena’s seven-day Mediterranean cruise has no weight restrictions on baggage.  This means the crew can load more than 100 tonnes of luggage every week.

On an average cruise, the Costa Serena uses 3,100 litres of fuel per hour and a total of 810 tonnes per seven-day cruise.

Every day the ship generates 920 tonnes of dirty water - black water from the sewerage system and grey water from sinks, showers and the galley.

The chefs prepare 35,000 dishes daily.

With 17 decks and a total height of 60 metres the ship stands nearly three times higher than the Sistine chapel.

The Costa Serena’s galley will wash over 430,000 dishes on an average cruise, and its giant dishwashers can clean about 3,500 dishes per hour.