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    • The Costa Serena show

      The Costa Serena

      Step on board the Costa Serena and get the low down on one of Europe's largest cruise ships.

    • Honeymoon Season show

      Honeymoon Season

      The new cruise Director has her hands full by dealing with more than 160 unexpected honeymooners.

    • Inspector on Board show

      Inspector on Board

      The Costa Serena staff must be tight and ready as inspectors from Genoa join on board for a weeklong inspection of the ship.

    • Magic and Mayhem show

      Magic and Mayhem

      Costa Serena’s crew has to deal with all sorts of situations; from a sudden onboard death through to the organization...

    • Rock Concert show

      Rock Concert

      The captain and his crew are also in charge of all kinds of matters related to the first Rock concert onboard.

    • Dirty Dancing show

      Dirty Dancing

      Bad weather, demanding guests, wacky entertainers and medical emergencies; these different scenarios take place in the middle...

    • Final Countdown show

      Final Countdown

      Captain Russo tests his team skills by having a drill evacuation.