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In the aftermath of the crucifixion of Jesus – the Bible’s Apostles are charged with a deadly mission - delivering Jesus’s message to the four corners of the Earth. In an event known as Pentecost - the Holy Spirit descends to Earth – filling the Apostles with strength and power – and granting them supernatural powers. The Apostles divide the world into territories – and head out in all directions - from Armenia to Ethiopia – India to Spain – dangerous journeys that will ultimately change the world. The essence of these missions is recounted in the Bible’s book of Acts - as the Apostles prepare to leave the Holy Land. But the true scope of their assignment can only be revealed beyond the Bible – in Apocrypha, myth and legend. From church historians like Eusebius - to the Apocryphal Acts of Andrew – to the 13th century Golden Legend – we learn of a deadly, dangerous world – plagued by magicians, dragons, Demons – and jealous Kings. In the end - 11 of the 12 Apostles suffer grisly fates – crucified – beheaded – even skinned alive. But their deaths will not be in vain. The Martyrdoms of the Apostles are a turning point that will not be forgotten. The message they deliver on their deadly journeys will grow – and continue to resonate - 2000 years later.