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Venture to a time of giants – where scorpions the size of wolves, eagle-sized dragonflies and two-metre long millipedes dominate forests of ferns nearly 30 metres high. Brave scorching temperatures on a newborn planet: a boiling ball of liquid rock where an entire day lasts a mere six hours. And, endure the frigid, frozen wasteland of a planet entombed in ice sheets up to 3 kilometres thick.

Earth: Making of a Planet chronicles the Earth’s 4.5 billion year story as it is literally pieced together from specks of dust through turbulent hundreds of millions of years of seething temperatures and brutal ice ages to the world’s greatest mass extinction – just before the first dinosaurs walked the planet – and into the rise of man. This is a revelation of the most riveting and dramatic moments of Earth’s history as it has never been seen before.

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