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    • Super Rig show

      Super Rig

      Richard Hammond gets the ride of his life hundreds of metres below the waves to reveal the ingenious inventions that built a...

    • The Keck Telescope show

      The Keck Telescope

      Our intrepid investigator Richard Hammond takes us on an incredible voyage through space and time, and re-creates an ancient...

    • Taipei 101 show

      Taipei 101

      Our engineering investigator affectionately known as The Hamster shares the simple, yet ingenious innovations that makes...

    • Airbus A380 show

      Airbus A380

      Richard Hammond gets fired up at the state-of-the-art aviation safety testing, where feathers, fat and chicken flesh fly in...

    • Wembley Stadium show

      Wembley Stadium

      Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections kicks off the new series at Wembley Stadium, the high-tech home of English football...

    • Sydney Opera House show

      Sydney Opera House

      Sydney Opera House is a miracle of modern design and one of the most recognisable buildings in the world.

    • Hong Kong International Airport show

      Hong Kong International Airport

      Richard flies east to learn how Hong Kong International Airport was built from scratch on a specially constructed island.

    • The Millau Bridge show

      The Millau Bridge

      Richard Hammond scales this extraordinary structure to discover its engineering connections.

    • Guggenheim Bilbao show

      Guggenheim Bilbao

      Richard uncovers some surprising connections that enabled the Guggenheim Bilbao museum to be built.

    • HMS Illustrious show

      HMS Illustrious

      Richard unpicks the engineering DNA of the mighty aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious.

    • Behind the Scenes of Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections show

      Behind the Scenes of Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections

      Explosions and playing with boys toys...what more can Richard Hammond ask for? Check out behind the scenes footage of Richard...