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    • Two Cars – One Remote? show

      Two Cars – One Remote?

      Brain demonstrates a do-it-yourself method to program a single remote to work on two different cars.

    • The Easy Way to Break In show

      The Easy Way to Break In

      Brian shows creative ways to break into a home while the homeowner is there.

    • Public Wi-Fi show

      Public Wi-Fi

      Do you access important data using public Wi-Fi hotspots? Perhaps you should think twice before doing it again.

    • Homemade Bottle Opener show

      Homemade Bottle Opener

      Brian Brushwood can open a beer bottle with a piece of paper.

    • How to Get Around 'No Vacancy' show

      How to Get Around 'No Vacancy'

      Even if the hotel receptionist tells you it has no vacancies, you may still be able to get a room for the night anyway.

    • Staying Cool show

      Staying Cool

      These hacks from Brian Brushwood will keep you cool during your next Fourth of July backyard party.

    • Homemade Gas Mask show

      Homemade Gas Mask

      Brian Brushwood explains how to make a gas mask with stuff you can find around your house.

    • Secrets of Successful Arm Wrestling show

      Secrets of Successful Arm Wrestling

      Brian Brushwood shows you how to win against any arm wrestling opponent.

    • The Fortune Teller show

      The Fortune Teller

      Brian Brushwood demonstrates how easy it is to fall prey to the “Barnum Effect.” This is when people believe that general...

    • The Headphone Trap show

      The Headphone Trap

      Brian Brushwood demonstrates how to snare an animal using a common pair of ear-buds.