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    • Dating show


      Malala talks about the differences between her and her brothers when it comes to dating.

    • Stand With Malala show

      Stand With Malala

      Learn more about the life of civil rights leader Malala Yousafzai.

    • A Father's Love show

      A Father's Love

      Malala is no ordinary girl thanks to her extraordinary father and the special bond they share.

    • Malala's Remarkable Story show

      Malala's Remarkable Story

      How one girl's courage and resilience has challenged human atrocities--not with war and arms--but with passion and peace.

    • Getting to Know Malala show

      Getting to Know Malala

      Director Davis Guggenheim discusses his creative process and how he connects so personally to the story of Malala and her family.

    • Who Is Malala? show

      Who Is Malala?

      Malala is an extraordinary person who wants to change the world, and yet she is still a girl dealing with ordinary...

    • Storytelling Through Animation show

      Storytelling Through Animation

      Learn why the filmmakers made the unusual choice to use animation in this documentary to help Malala tell her own story,...