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  • How to choose my region

    Go to App menu and select "Settings" then go to "Country" and choose your region and tap on "Done".

  • How auto play clips only with Wi-Fi connection

    If you want to play clips only when a Wi-Fi connection is available, you can do it on the "Setting" option on the app menu by activating this option "Videos require wi-fi". 

  • How to set my favorite shows

    When you open a show, you will see a little heart in the lower right corner, just need to tap it.

  • Where I can find my favorite shows

    In the App menu under "Favorites"

  • How I remove a show from my favorites

    Open the show you want to remove, then tap on the little heart in the lower right corner and accept remove it.


  • How to select the channels

    On the "Schedule" section, in the upper right corner, you will find a drop-down menu named "Filter by Channel", here you can choose the channel that you want to watch.

  • How can I create reminders for my shows?

    Go to the "Schedule" section, then tap on the show you want to create a reminder for, then choose "Create an alert", tap on "OK", and your reminder is set.

    Also you can go to the show, in the "Next Episodes" section, tap on the date and time you want create a reminder, accept the reminder creation and your reminder is ready.

  • Where can I find my reminders?

    In the App menu, you will find your reminders list.

  • Can I delete reminders?

    Yes, in your reminders list on the "Settings" menu, tap on "edit" in the upper right corner. Then tap the removing red icon on the reminder you want to remove and confirm your selection by tapping on the "Delete" button.

  • How to receive reminders and notifications on the app

    The app cannot set reminders if permission is not granted by the user. To allow it, the user has to answer "YES" when he first opened the app, or if he didn't, go to the Settings App -> NatgeoFan -> Notifications and enable the switch. Therefore, if you try to set a reminder, and got a popup with text “you need to change your reminders under settings”, this is in the iPhone’s settings, not the Nat Geo Fan settings.


  • Where can I find the quizzes and polls?

    You need go to "Fan Zone", this option is on the "Settings" on the App menu.

  • How can I share shows, videos, photos, etc.

    In each element you only need tap on the lower left or right corner in the "Share" icon.

  • How do I search on NatGeo Fan App?

    In the upper right corner you will find the search icon, tap on it and simply enter your search terms.