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  • Sixty Feet of Truck show

    Sixty Feet of Truck

    Jamie clears a wreck that is blocking the highway on the edge of a steep drop.

  • Losing Is Part of Winning show

    Losing Is Part of Winning

    A towing job is scooped right out from under Jamie.

  • Jaws of Life show

    Jaws of Life

    Paramedics and emergency personnel cut a woman from a wreck in Canada.

  • Sitting on Sheer Ice show

    Sitting on Sheer Ice

    A 22,000 pound tow truck has now where to go but down.

  • Pickup Sticks show

    Pickup Sticks

    Clean up after a wreck involves a large shipment of wine.

  • Trailer Turnover show

    Trailer Turnover

    Jamie prepares for the night with tower lights but encounters others problems along the way!

  • Trailer Trouble show

    Trailer Trouble

    A jammed door is the beginning of a night filled with troubles for Jamie and his crew!

  • New Truck Blues show

    New Truck Blues

    Scott is questioning working for Jamie because the promise of a better working truck is taking a long time to fulfill.

  • Good Help is Hard to Find show

    Good Help is Hard to Find

    Jamie hopes to get a night off from his daunting duties, but has to help a truck stuck in the snow instead.

  • Last Ditch Effort show

    Last Ditch Effort

    Jamie and his crew struggle to take a loaded trailer out of a ditch!

  • Driving Stick show

    Driving Stick

    Jamie teaches 16 year old Brandon how to drive the manual transmission tow truck.

  • The Low Rumble show

    The Low Rumble

    The silence of snow falling is interrupted by the rumble of an impending avalanche.