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Nigel Marven fulfills his childhood dream of meeting a jaguar in the wild!

The Pantanal – the world’s biggest wetland, the size of Britain… and home to the planet’s largest population of Jaguars. These big cats are notoriously hard to find, let alone film but after reported regular sightings Nigel Marven couldn’t wait to get there.

Over four weeks, Nigel comes face-to-face with the Pantanal’s most spectacular and charismatic residents – from curious Armadillos and Giant Otters to amorous Anacondas and hungry Anteaters. Obsessed by reptiles, Nigel gets up to his neck in Caiman-infested waters (there are 10 million of these crocodiles here) and endures a painful encounter with a Brazilian Water Cobra.

But it’s the jaguars that steal the show. Previously crews have either filmed captive jaguars or managed to catch just fleeting glimpses of wild animals. We heard of one biologist who...
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