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Summer is coming, and with it a deadly invasion. There’s a killer on the loose, a deadly winged beast whose toxic venom melts human flesh. It’s a Japanese giant killer hornet. These super-sized samurais of the wasp world are the size of a human thumb and they are packed with a cytotoxic venom that can cause anaphylactic shock – and death. Their stinger is a quarter the size of their body and packs a punch like a Black Mamba. Determined to rule their forest Kingdom, the Killer Hornets are on the rampage, destroying all the other factions in their domain and mercilessly feasting on the developing grubs in their neighboring territories. This protein-rich food source will help them to grow their own burgeoning super-hive. But it’s not enough. Their voracious army needs more. And it’s open season on honeybees – their favorite prey! A handful of hornet scouts can massacre a...
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