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Two renowned experts come together to examine the phenomenon of Whale v Shark. Kina Scollay, shark cinematographer, and Ingrid Visser, orca scientist, explore the ways sharks are targeted by Killer Whales.In recent years, Orca have started going after the Great Whites of Shark Alley in South Africa. In New Zealand, they’ve aggressively hunted rays and ancient Sevengill sharks....Kina’s concerned that the New Zealand Great Whites will be next.

Only one population of Orca on earth specialize in hunting rays and sharks. New Zealand Orca expert Ingrid Visser has extraordinary footage—and experiences—of Orca tearing apart Sevengill
sharks and chasing mako.  Kina has extraordinary footage—and experience—of Sevengill sharks working together as a pack to evade Orca attack and seeking incredibly shallow water to avoid danger. Great Whites aren’t known to work together this way,...
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