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    • Spin Rod Competition show

      Spin Rod Competition

      The anglers all decide to use spin rods - will it even out the competition?

    • Fishing Bromance show

      Fishing Bromance

      An angler bond has begun to form between fishermen.

    • Hot Shot Kevin show

      Hot Shot Kevin

      Can the anglers catch up to "Hot Shot Kevin?"

    • Barracuda on the Board show

      Barracuda on the Board

      The anglers race to catch the first fish in rough waters.

    • The Search for Bonefish show

      The Search for Bonefish

      Bonefish prove a difficult catch for everyone but Belizean fisherman Abbie.

    • Ice Scream show

      Ice Scream

      The expert anglers take a break from fishing in Alaska and end up doing wheelies on a frozen lake.

    • Snow Fishing show

      Snow Fishing

      Even the cold temperatures and billowing snow can't stop the top competitors from their quest to land the largest fish.