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On a remote, fog shrouded island in the freezing waters of Southeast Alaska, a small band of extraordinary people struggle together to subsist off land and sea. United by their extreme independence and love of the wild, our characters have left civilized society and chosen to go it, “all alone, together”. Living a life bereft of everyday conveniences, our characters must all do whatever it takes to get by - hunting, fishing, trapping and farming- in this beautiful but difficult land. Yet, as much as they value their autonomy, their world would not be possible without one another. The nearest hospital is a plane flight away, and the only thing resembling another town is a 5-hour car ride over remote terrain. To survive, they rely on one another for everything from basic things like trading fish or meat, cutting down threatening trees, borrowing critical gear and raising barn walls, to life-saving first aid when things go wrong.



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    Scary Forecast

    Lawless Island rushes to prepare as a dangerous storm, triggered by Hurricane Oho, comes its way.

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