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    • Driving A Hard Bargain show

      Driving A Hard Bargain

      Rich negotiates a price for a robotic arm that could be bursting with precious metals.

    • Bolts of Despair show

      Bolts of Despair

      Dave has to get the bolts off a rock crusher to see if there’s gold dust inside.

    • Telecom Jackpot show

      Telecom Jackpot

      Diego discovers that old equipment in a store’s attic might just be a gold mine.

    • This Little Piggy’s Going to Market show

      This Little Piggy’s Going to Market

      Diego finds a tiny golden pig in a pile of old martial arts weapons.

    • Sifting Through the Dirt show

      Sifting Through the Dirt

      Dave and his crew try to figure out how to get gold dust out of a pile of dirt.

    • Fume Hoods show

      Fume Hoods

      Rich makes a profit from platinum in old chemistry lab fume hoods.

    • Old Grill show

      Old Grill

      Rich tries to get a deal on a rapper’s old gold grill.

    • Full of Trophies show

      Full of Trophies

      Diego buys a box of old trophies hoping to find some silver in them.

    • Gold Letters show

      Gold Letters

      A coffin with gold letters might bring Diego a good payday.

    • Plane Frustration show

      Plane Frustration

      Diego looks for precious metals in an old plane but he’s getting nowhere fast.