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Join us for six new episodes of gargantuan proportions, showing how entire buildings are relocated by teams of specialists.

Meet the removal men with a difference. From a lighthouse to a steam locomotive, these teams take on the challenge of relocating massive monuments, overcoming huge hurdles in the process.

We start with Risky Rescue where a team moves an entire lighthouse off a cliff on Nantucket Island before the crumbling cliff gives way, and specialists relocate houses threatened by a mine collapse in a Swedish town. Then in 100 Tonne Train, a British team of haulers are appointed the job of taking a vintage steam locomotive from Bloemfontein in South Africa to Glasgow where it was originally built sixty years ago. With transport police ruling a truck incapable of lifting such a load the 600 miles to Durban port, the team needs to find an alternative plan.

Next Moving Ancient Egypt tells the story of one of the greatest mega moves of all time - the relocation of twenty of Egypt’s finest ancient temples, moved from the rising waters of the River Nile in the 1960s. To re-create the methods used, leading structural movers attempt to cut, lift and re-assemble a replica sandstone statue of Ramesses.

Blizzard Battle follows two teams of movers as they battle extreme weather to move two unwieldy wooden buildings – a colossal clubhouse in Manitoba and a historic farmhouse and barns in Virginia. Then in Snake Country the teams attempt to relocate a historic 300-tonne ranch in Texas and a two-storey dream home in Seattle.

Finally Hauling History finds movers hoping to haul two precious historic hulks to new sites. The 1,000 tonne Murillo Hall has brick walls four layers thick and is extremely fragile, will it survive the move? And in Vancouver we witness the dismantling and transport of a Lockheed Lodestar plane across a highway.

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