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Life is filled with magical moments. Some are extra-special. A seducing look, an irresistible move, a sexy signal; in the animal world every species has their own flirtatious code to find the right mate. Success is only guaranteed if the seducer has done his homework and knows how to apply 'The Art of Seduction.' Performers like to be the centre of attention. However when the torrent frog's intense croaking is drowned out by the sounds of the rapids, he needs to get physical. To avoid the dilemma of being left unheard he waves his hind legs in the air, a sure way to get the attention of the lady frogs. Male fiddler crabs have taken things one step further. They move their one enlargened claw, either alone or in sync with other males to impress the opposite sex. Some dances and performances are a visual feast but they can only be appreciated to their fullest when everything is slowed...
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