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They are among our closest living relatives but for orangutans their time on Earth is running out.  Orangutan Rescue premieres on Thursday 8 July at 9pm, and highlights the plight of these magnificent creatures. We join actress Michelle Yeoh, of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon-fame, on an emotional trip to her homeland to visit the baby orangutan she has adopted. After meeting her adoptee at its home in the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre, Michelle ventures into the jungles of Borneo to search for Asia's only great ape in its natural habitat.

Sadly, despite their striking colour and large size, finding wild orangutans is no easy feat. As Michelle treks through the dense forest, she witnesses how the loss of habitat is a major contribution to this species' decline. But thanks to the work of places like the Centre, who return rehabilitated orangutan orphans to the wild, these enchanting...

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