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Climb on board the Australian warship HMAS Toowoomba as it patrols the troubled waters of the Persian Gulf. In an area of heightened political tension and an increasing danger zone for piracy Pirate Patrol takes to the waves to live alongside the team responsible for keeping the seas safe and reveals how life on the ocean pushes their endurance levels to the max.

This four-part series follows the 193 men and women of the Royal Australian Navy Warship as they join a US-led task force as they search for drug smugglers, terrorists and pirates. The crew of Toowoomba must adapt to the daily pressures of life on active service, knowing that one mistake out here could mean not just their lives but those they've sworn to protect.

Pushed to their limits over six tough months on a high stakes mission in this highly volatile part of the world - find out how the crew cope.

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