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Africa - a savage continent, home to wild herds of majestic animals and legendary predators. 
Although large parts of Africa's wilderness expanses are vanishing and challenged by an ever-expanding human population, there are some isolated enclaves, teaming with wildlife, that stand fast - highly protected and well guarded. In South Africa the Kruger National Park, and its adjacent Greater Kruger National Park, form an area of over 20,000 km2 of wild land where Lions, Leopards, Hyenas, Wild Dogs and Cheetahs carve out territories to raise their young and hunt for food, just like thousands of generations did before them for over a million years. In this action packed, fast paced, and entertaining three part HD series we zoom into this wild hot spot and dissect the lives of Africa's iconic animals in order to understand their every move in detail, in light of the latest research findings that bring our understanding of predators and prey into the 21st Century.  Drone, time lapses and jib shots give the series a three dimensional look and feel. And 3D graphics and maps show territories, important facts and anatomical specifics and give a clear break between characters.