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    • First Burmese Of The Season show

      First Burmese Of The Season

      With brown and black camouflage skin Burmese pythons are hard to spot even when they grow over 20 feet long.

    • Baby Burm show

      Baby Burm

      The team finds a baby Burmese python in an area where four other species of venomous snakes breed.

    • Hissing Attack show

      Hissing Attack

      Can the Python Hunters stop the boom of slithering pythons from taking over Florida?

    • Stinky Snake Hunt show

      Stinky Snake Hunt

      Pythons can defend themselves by squirting a stink of musk, urine and feces that can linger for hours.

    • Big Freeze show

      Big Freeze

      See how expert snake wranglers are protecting the Florida Everglades from it's Burmese python explosion.

    • The Net Gun show

      The Net Gun

      A net gun is the only way to reach a snake tangled in bush along the river.

    • Louisiana Snake Hunt show

      Louisiana Snake Hunt

      The Python Hunters find venomous snakes like the Cottonmouth snake in Louisiana.

    • Family Hunt show

      Family Hunt

      The Python Hunters search for slithering snakes with their children.

    • Protecting Baby Reptiles show

      Protecting Baby Reptiles

      When an early winter chill hits Florida the team has to protect their baby alligators and turtles.

    • The Search For Iguana show

      The Search For Iguana

      The Python Hunters catch and compare green iguanas to Cuban Iguanas.