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Find out how to treat a pig with sunburn, save a border collie that has been hit by a car, and more.

Clinic owner and vet Geoff Woodhouse has been a vet for fifteen years, and has also practised as a vet in England. He’s set up a clinic to fulfil his dream of being a country vet after moving from the city. Geoff is adapting to country life which includes- footing the bill, long drives and house calls.

In one episode Geoff gets a call from the police about a border collie who’s been hit by a car, luckily the dog is conscious. The dog, nicknamed Basil Brush, gets reunited with its owner thanks to local radio.

Alicia is the new practice nurse/receptionist/accountant. She is so passionate about animals she even takes home injured animals and her pets hang out at the practice. Other episodes see a famous real estate agent with a horse dilemma and a stray kitten arriving at the clinic...
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