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Sebastian Junger is the internationally acclaimed, best-selling author of “WAR”, “The Perfect Storm”, “A Death in Belmont”, and “Fire”. As a contributing editor to Vanity Fair and as a contributor to ABC News, he has covered major international news stories in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. He has been awarded the National Magazine Award and an SAIS Novartis Prize for Journalism. Junger became a fixture in the national media when, as a  first-time author, he commanded the New York Times best-seller list for more than three years with “The Perfect Storm”, which later set sales records and became a major motion picture from Warner Bros.

For the last decade, Junger has been travelling to the front lines of the war in Afghanistan, most recently embedded with the United States Army’s 2nd Platoon of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team. Reporting on the war from the soldiers’ perspective, Junger and photographer Tim Hetherington spent more than six months behind enemy lines in a remote Korengal Valley outpost and experienced first-hand the physical and emotional struggles of fighting in one of the deadliest regions of the world. The professional result is twofold: New York Times bestseller “WAR” (Hachette Book Group, May, 2010), and a 96-minute documentary “Restrepo”, which won the 2010 Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and will air on National Geographic Channel in November, 2010, and in theatres across the U.S. and overseas.


Restrepo director Tim Hetherington was killed in Libya in April 2011. Tim was in Libya to continue his ongoing multimedia project to highlight humanitarian issues during time of war and conflict. The Hetherington family has set up a condolences website.

An award winning photographer and documentary filmmaker, Tim was the co-producer and co-director of ‘Restrepo’ with Sebastian Junger, which won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. His latest publishing project was “Infidel”, an intimate portrait of a single U.S. platoon stationed in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan. The images we made over the course of one year while Hetherington and Junger were filming ‘Restrepo’.

Hetherington had reported on conflict and social issues for more than ten years. He was the only photographer to live behind rebel lines during the 2003 Liberian civil war - work that culminated in the film 'Liberia: an Uncivil War' and the book “Long Story Bit by Bit : Liberia Retold” (Umbrage 2009).

He was the recipient of four World Press Photo awards, including the World Press Photo of the Year (2007), and an Alfred I. duPont Award in broadcast journalism while on assignment with Sebastian Junger for ABC News (2009). A native of the U.K., he lived in New York and was a contributing photographer for Vanity Fair.




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