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  • Juan Restrepo show

    Juan Restrepo

    RESTREPO was a strategic outpost named in honour of their medic, PFC Juan Restrepo, who was killed in action.

  • Toy Guns show

    Toy Guns

    This soldier never had a toy gun as his hippie parents disapproved. No toys in war either.

  • Korengal show


    Soldiers recall their first impressions, thoughts and fears arriving at Korengal Valley in Afghanistan.

  • Hit show


    Remembering the events surrounding Juan Restrepo's death is not easy for the soldiers.

  • Silent show


    What soldiers don't write home about. These guys put on a brave face when calling home. Everything is fine.

  • Fear show


    "The fear is always there, especially at night when you can't see what's coming at you."

  • Helicopter show


    When you fly in the middle of the night it's like alerting your enemy, "hey guys, we're here!"

  • Junger's War Book show

    Junger's War Book

    Director Sebastian Junger talks about writing his book about platoon soldiers, called "War."

  • Military Life show

    Military Life

    Major Kearney and his wife Lauren discuss life in a military family.

  • On Making Restrepo show

    On Making Restrepo

    Director Tim Heatherington describes what it was like to make a documentary on a rustic mountainside.

  • The Story of Rock Avalanche show

    The Story of Rock Avalanche

    The directors of Restrepo recall the tragic and heroic moments of a military operation in the Korengal Valley.

  • Hetherington on Filmmaking show

    Hetherington on Filmmaking

    Director Tim Hetherington discusses the filmmaking strategy of Restrepo.