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It’s 14 feet long with almost 2 teaspoons of available venom. This is the King Cobra. Translated its scientific name means "snake eater". A King kills and consumes other snakes up to 10 feet long. All forest residents live in fear of him including human beings. But his empire is under threat? He’s a resident of India the most populated part of the planet, and he’s having to mix more and more with villagers. It is March in India’s Western Ghats, and that means one thing for King cobras - finding a mate. Having been dormant for the last few months, they are now fully alert and hot on the trail of female pheromones. The trail leads them right through a crowded village. Enter Gowri Shankar a snake expert who responds to calls from panicked villagers. Instead of beating the snakes to death, Gowri carefully captures them and takes them to a place of safety. Little is known about...
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