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    • Polar Bear Playing Coy show

      Polar Bear Playing Coy

      A female polar bear acts uninterested when a male tries to court her.

    • Predator’s Playground show

      Predator’s Playground

      Migrating herds move across wide open spaces in full view of waiting predators.

    • Miniature Insect World show

      Miniature Insect World

      The secret worlds of the stalk eyed-fly and the honey ant show how unusual life can be for them.

    • Monkey Hot Springs show

      Monkey Hot Springs

      In Japan, the macaques’ social system decides whether or not they can enjoy the hot volcanic pools.

    • Delicate Dragons’ Dance show

      Delicate Dragons’ Dance

      Sea dragons perform a ritual courtship dance.

    • Frozen Planet show

      Frozen Planet

      This unique footage shows creatures living in the Antarctic climates of McMurdo Sound and Macquarie Island.