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    • Sumo Test show

      Sumo Test

      Line-X is put through the paces with a series of endurance tests.

    • Diamond Edge show

      Diamond Edge

      The ICS Chainsaw can cut through just about anything thanks to its diamond cutting edge.

    • The Rifle vs. Drone Showdown show

      The Rifle vs. Drone Showdown

      What happens when a tracking point rifle and an ATI Octocopter go head-to-head?

    • Brokk Strength show

      Brokk Strength

      It may look like a space-age toy, but don’t be fooled, the Brokk is a machine that can rip anything to shreds.

    • Ever Dry? Never Shy show

      Ever Dry? Never Shy

      Will the Ultra Ever Dry be the ultimate victor? Brian checks out the competition.

    • Super Steam Roller show

      Super Steam Roller

      The Dynapac steam roller can crush almost anything to dust.