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  • Wild Peru: Andes Battleground show

    Wild Peru: Andes Battleground

    There are three Perus: its great rainforest, the Andes foothills and the pacific coastal deserts. Across two hours, we...

  • WWI: The Tunnels of Death show

    WWI: The Tunnels of Death

    December 1914. After 5 months of war, both the Germans and the Allies have dug themselves in behind impenetrable lines. Faced...

  • Birth of a Pride show

    Birth of a Pride

    In Selinda, Bostwana, lions had been hunted to near extinction but, thanks to conservation, the number of lions has grown from...

  • Man vs. Puma show

    Man vs. Puma

    Big cat expert Boone Smith travels to Patagonia to observe pumas thriving in the wild under increased conservation efforts....

  • American War Generals: Vietnam to 9/11 show

    American War Generals: Vietnam to 9/11

    In this special, America's leading combat generals talk about how they spent their careers training to fight a conventional...

  • Busted By the Secret Service show

    Busted By the Secret Service

    Be a fly on the wall when elite forces of the Secret Service carryout stings attempting to take down criminals. From smugglers...

  • Wild Taiwan: Jungle Island show

    Wild Taiwan: Jungle Island

    Taiwan is an island like no other. Sitting abreast the Tropic of Cancer, this small slice of Asia hosts tropical beaches,...

  • Avenging Evil show

    Avenging Evil

    It's one of the most extraordinary stories of revenge. 6 million Jews are dead, but by 1946, just a handful of Nazis face...

  • Nature's Greatest Talents: The Art of Seduction show

    Nature's Greatest Talents: The Art of Seduction

    Life is filled with magical moments. Some are extra-special. A seducing look, an irresistible move, a sexy signal; in the...

  • In Their Own Words show

    In Their Own Words

    In Their Own Words created by Emmy and Peabody Award-winner Tom Jennings is a ground-breaking documentary series in which...

  • The Armstrong Tapes show

    The Armstrong Tapes

    The Armstrong Tapes is a one-hour documentary film that provides a personal and in-depth look at the first man to set foot on...

  • Activate: The Global Citizen Movement show

    Activate: The Global Citizen Movement

    ACTIVATE will take audiences from the Global Citizen Festival stages to the front lines of change around the world while...

  • Sea of Shadows show

    Sea of Shadows

    A looming disaster in one of the most spectacular environments on Earth sparks a rescue mission unlike any other. Poaching in...

  • The Longest Hole Golfing Across Mongolia show

    The Longest Hole Golfing Across Mongolia

    Set against the backdrop of one of the most incredible and diverse wildernesses on the planet, Adam Rolston and Ron Rutland...

  • The Real Black Panther show

    The Real Black Panther

    This isn't Wakanda. Deep in south India is a jungle kingdom that has inspired legends. Kabini, in the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve,...

  • Jane Goodall:The Hope show

    Jane Goodall:The Hope

    Jane Goodall has been called ‘Mother Teresa for the environment’. When realizing that her life’s work could be lost...

  • Wonders of the Ocean show

    Wonders of the Ocean

  • Equator's Wild Secrets show

    Equator's Wild Secrets

    Life along the equator is spectacularly diverse. More than half of the world's species live here. Tropic Thunder is a 6 part...

  • Europe's New Wild show

    Europe's New Wild

    Europe's New Wild is the inspiring story of the wild rebirth of a continent. Across six episodes, the series reveals the...

  • Food Factory show

    Food Factory