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  • Shark Swarm show

    Shark Swarm

    It's the stuff of nightmares; - over twelve thousand Blacktip sharks a stone's throw from the coast, eight hundred hungry grey...

  • China's Wild Side show

    China's Wild Side

    China's Wild Side is an Ultra High Definition, two part series that focuses on China's unseen wildlife in two unique areas:...

  • Drain Alcatraz show

    Drain Alcatraz

    Drain Alcatraz uses cutting edge visual effects to 'drain' the waters around the notorious island of Alcatraz. With the waters...

  • America's Wild Frontier show

    America's Wild Frontier

    Over five hours, America's Wild Frontier tells the story of the frontier and wildlife closest to America's heart. We explore...

  • ISS: 24/7 On A Space Station show

    ISS: 24/7 On A Space Station

    The International Space Station (ISS) is without doubt the most ambitious orbital project ever built. This giant assemblage...

  • Quest For King Solomon's Treasure show

    Quest For King Solomon's Treasure

    Countless treasure-seekers have set off in search of King Solomon's mines a quest inspired by the Bible's account of...

  • Tut's Treasures: The Last Pharaoh show

    Tut's Treasures: The Last Pharaoh

    The discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922 made headlines across the world sparking a global frenzy for Ancient Egypt....

  • Cosmos: Possible Worlds show

    Cosmos: Possible Worlds

  • Heroes of the Sky: The Real Mighty Eight Air Force  show

    Heroes of the Sky: The Real Mighty Eight Air Force

    Experience the story of the airmen that seismically shifted the Allies fortunes during World War II, known as the Mighty...

  • Rebuilding Paradise show

    Rebuilding Paradise

  • Bin Laden's Hard Drive   show

    Bin Laden's Hard Drive

    Newly declassified hard drives taken from the compound where Osama bin Laden was killed reveal a groundbreaking look at his...

  • Secrets of The Zoo: Tampa show

    Secrets of The Zoo: Tampa

    Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa embraces the wild side of the Sunshine State with a steller zoo team devoted to an exotic coast of...

  • Orca Killing School show

    Orca Killing School

    Can the orcas of Peninsula Valdez perfect their dangerous killing technique?Throughout the oceans, orcas are supreme hunters,...

  • Inside: Afghan Heroin show

    Inside: Afghan Heroin

    Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs on earth. Stronger, purer and easier to get than ever before, heroin is attracting a...

  • The Silver Pharaoh Mystery show

    The Silver Pharaoh Mystery

    The treasures of the ancient pharaohs were legendary, but the tomb of the little-known Psusennes I stunned even the most...

  • Wicked Pirate City show

    Wicked Pirate City

    Wicked Pirate City follows of a team of marine scientists who have gathered to explore the underwater archaeological site of...

  • Ghost Ship: Resurrection show

    Ghost Ship: Resurrection

    Underwater explorers in the Baltic Sea set out to bring a recently discovered ghost ship - one of the most intact ancient...

  • The Egyptian Job show

    The Egyptian Job

    How did a band of villains manage to break into and rob an Egyptian pyramid 3,700 years ago?The audacious raid on King...

  • The Truth Behind show

    The Truth Behind

    They say the truth is out there - but can mankind's biggest mysteries ever be solved? In The Truth Behind meet the men and...

  • Ultimate Predators show

    Ultimate Predators

    In the natural world there's one rule: eat or be eaten. In this brand new five-part series meet the animals that fall firmly...