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  • Wild Amazon show

    Wild Amazon

    Wild Amazon takes you deep into the heart of the Amazon on a journey you will never forget!Home to the largest rainforest and...

  • And Man Created Dog show

    And Man Created Dog

    If humans were as varied as dogs we would range in height up to 22 feet tall and in weight more than 1,000 pounds! In the...

  • Man V Monster show

    Man V Monster

    Join adventurer and cinematographer, Richard Terry, as he explores the frightening riddles of the natural world. Richard...

  • The Last Lions show

    The Last Lions

    In Botswana's Okavango Delta, an ostracized lioness and her three cubs must fight alone to survive—overcoming all manner of...

  • The Link show

    The Link

    Technology is all around us. From computers to cameras, cell phones to sat navs,  our dependence on technology has never been...

  • Super Pride show

    Super Pride

    The Serengeti in northern Tanzania is one of the world’s last great wildlife refuges, teeming with crocs,...

  • 9/11: Firehouse Ground Zero show

    9/11: Firehouse Ground Zero

    The extraordinary untold story of Ten House, the firehouse right next to the Twin Towers. Its firefighters were the first ones...

  • Taboo USA show

    Taboo USA

    Hidden beneath America’s genteel surface lies a world of secrets.  People who live untraditional lives and push the...

  • Ultimate Animals show

    Ultimate Animals

    Did you know a flamingo can only eat when its head is upside down? Or that some snails sleep for 3 years at a stretch? How...

  • Earth Live show

    Earth Live

    Jane Lynch, Phil Keoghan and wildlife expert Chris Packham host “Earth Live” and take viewers on a LIVE journey around the...

  • Back to the Titanic show

    Back to the Titanic

  • Hitler's Stealth Fighter show

    Hitler's Stealth Fighter

    Discover Nazi Germany's top-secret development of radar-evading technology.In the final months of World War II a jet powered...

  • Inside: Pirates Rescue show

    Inside: Pirates Rescue

    Patrolled by desperate gunmen looking to capture any vessel that strays into their path, the waters off East Africa are among...

  • Aftermath show


    Aftermath critically examines what would happen to life on our planet if one fundamental element of our environment is...

  • A Traveller's Guide To The Planets show

    A Traveller's Guide To The Planets

    Whether it's a romantic getaway to the breathtaking canyons of Mars or the ultimate vacation in Jupiter's magnetic field,...

  • Highway Thru Hell show

    Highway Thru Hell

    For the past decade, Jamie Davis Heavy has patrolled the steep mountain passes of British Columbia’s Coquihalla – one of...

  • Is It Real? show

    Is It Real?

    Investigate some of the world’s enduring mysteries and phenomena as we look to separate science from superstition.There are...

  • Gospel Of Judas show

    Gospel Of Judas

    The theological implications of this important biblical document are explored by scholars and scientists.

  • World's Weirdest show

    World's Weirdest

    A blood drinking bird, an indefatigable beaver builder, a squirrel spy game…all very bizarre, all very real. These shocking...

  • Geologic Journey show

    Geologic Journey

    Join Professor Nick Eyles as he tracks Earth’s Geologic Journey through millions of years of tectonic tension. Follow his...