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  • Drain The Sunken Pirate City show

    Drain The Sunken Pirate City

    Port Royal, the 'wickedest city on Earth', famous for its Caribbean pirates, liquor and whores, is torn apart on June 7th 1692...

  • Little Monkey House show

    Little Monkey House

    Five orphaned baby Vervet monkeys venture through a foster mother program at a primate rehabilitation center in South Africa....

  • Restrepo show


    Winner of the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary at Sundance Film Festival 2010, Restrepo chronicles the development of a...

  • Hitler Youth show

    Hitler Youth

    In 1930s Germany, the Nazi Party created the Hitler Youth to indoctrinate children and adolescents with Nazi ideology and...

  • T. rex Autopsy show

    T. rex Autopsy

    This once-in-a-lifetime experiment offers an unprecedented opportunity to explore questions such as whether or not T. rex had...

  • Witness: Joplin Tornado show

    Witness: Joplin Tornado

    Weaving together dozens of professional and amateur archival sources, along with dramatic interviews with the people behind...

  • Do or Die show

    Do or Die

    National Geographic Channel presents the compelling new series Do or Die. In each episode, we tell the stories of real people...

  • Wild Indonesia show

    Wild Indonesia

    The 17,000 islands that comprise the nation of Indonesia stretch more than 3,000 miles along the equator, bridging Asia and...

  • Six Degrees Could Change The World show

    Six Degrees Could Change The World

    This thought-provoking film tackles in startling detail the alarming changes that may face us all.As the volume of greenhouse...

  • Inside the SS show

    Inside the SS

    With the aid of rare archives, this film retraces the bloody history of the SS, some of whose members are still alive and have...

  • Expedition Wild show

    Expedition Wild

    Expedition Wild presents the unique story of Casey Anderson, a man who has dedicated himself to wildlife preservation. Casey...

  • In the Womb: Animals show

    In the Womb: Animals

    Groundbreaking insight with cutting-edge 4-D and 3-D technology.

  • Woman Raised by Monkeys show

    Woman Raised by Monkeys

    After being abducted and abandoned in the jungle, Marina Chapman claims she survived by living with a troupe of monkeys. She...

  • Animals Gone Wild show

    Animals Gone Wild

    When danger is inches away and safety isn’t in sight, the close calls are incredible in Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Renegades. The...

  • Kumbh Mela show

    Kumbh Mela

    Imagine a crowd so massive, it is visible from space. A crowd, likely 100 million strong intent on just one thing: bathing in...

  • American Blackout show

    American Blackout

    American Blackout is a meticulously researched and extremely realistic drama exploring the effects of a devastating...

  • Secrets of the Zoo show

    Secrets of the Zoo

    Secrets of The Zoo 3 goes behind-the-scenes at The Columbus Zoo, with over 2,000 employees, 10,000 animals, and 6,000...

  • Mars: Inside SpaceX show

    Mars: Inside SpaceX

    Compilation of the best parts of Space X from Mars season 1 and new Falcon Heavy footage.

  • Billy the Kid: New Evidence show

    Billy the Kid: New Evidence

    Randy Guijerro, an average man with a penchant for American West memorabilia, walks into an antique shop in Fresno, CA and...

  • Shark Eden show

    Shark Eden

    In a remote corner of the South Pacific, National Geographic Explorer Enric Sala – one of the world’s leading marine...