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  • Pony Play show

    Pony Play

    A woman plays master to a stable of women.

  • I'm a Dog show

    I'm a Dog

    One man’s canine connection goes far beyond companionship.

  • Black Market Plastic Surgery show

    Black Market Plastic Surgery

    A transgender woman turns to the black market for plastic surgery. But her decision to do so has ill-fated consequences.

  • Male Escort show

    Male Escort

    One man enjoys being a ‘boyfriend’ …for hire.

  • Blood Painter show

    Blood Painter

    An artist stands out by pouring himself into his work.

  • Mannequin Collector show

    Mannequin Collector

    One man lives with more than three hundred non-human roommates.

  • Clowning Around show

    Clowning Around

    A couple gives new meaning to clowning around.

  • Feederism show


    A gainer pushes her body to the limits.

  • Extreme Plastic Surgery show

    Extreme Plastic Surgery

    For one man, the hands of time are erased on a surgeon's table.

  • Breatharian show


    An Eastern guru claims to know the secret to immortality.

  • Transgender Love show

    Transgender Love

    A striking couple blurs the roles between men and women.

  • Larry Da Leopard show

    Larry Da Leopard

    A man's animal instincts have driven him to transform the entire surface of his body.