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How did a band of villains manage to break into and rob an Egyptian pyramid 3,700 years ago?

The audacious raid on King Amenemhat III's tomb was one of the biggest heists in ancient history. Now, a crack team of Egypt experts attempts to crack the ancient pyramid busters' methods.

In a theft so slick it went unnoticed until 1888, robbers made off with untold riches taken from the wealthy monarch's burial chamber - dodging guards, sand traps and treacherous dead ends along the way.

Applying historical evidence and forensic testing to the millennia-old crime, sand-searching super-sleuths paint a picture of the clever gang behind the heist, delving into the ancient underworld to find their cast of crooks.

With the robbers facing certain death had they been caught, the key criminal personalities needed for a successful raid are explored in full along with the social factors that may have driven them to undertake their risky plan.

Join the modern-day detectives investigating this dastardly ancient case in The Egyptian Job.




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