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    • The Dave Reed story show

      The Dave Reed story

      Dave Reed, budding fashion model, actor, artist, can trace some of his ancestry to the icy slopes of Central Asia, along with...

    • Physical characteristics show

      Physical characteristics

      No one knows for sure why Asian or any other physical features took shape.

    • Kerry Nicholson Gonzalez show

      Kerry Nicholson Gonzalez

      While Kerry can trace back about three generations to a faraway land, her DNA can take her back more than six thousand...

    • Random New Yorkers and their DNA show

      Random New Yorkers and their DNA

      A handful of random New Yorkers discover their own personal histories and we discover how humans populated the entire world.

    • The Genographic project in New York show

      The Genographic project in New York

      Geneticist Spencer Wells and his team are attempting to retrace humanity's journey to all corners of the earth on this single...