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Join ecologist and adventurer Chris Morgan as he enters the secret realm of Asia’s only Great ape – the orangutan. With fewer than 7,000 Sumatran orangutans left in the wild, both scientists and conservationists are in a race to save them from extinction. Travel to an orangutan orphanage, where young orangutans are given a second chance at being a life in the wild. Then journey deep into a remote peat swamp forest to uncover an orangutan Eden – home to the most sophisticated orangutan culture on Earth. Chris’ wild orangutan quest peels back the layers of orangutan behavior to reveal a new, smarter image of this great forest thinker. Follow an orphan orangutan as he is given a second change in a new home, and discover with Chris a new hope for the species.


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    Climbing School

    Young orangutans learn how to climb in the trees to prepare them for release back into the wild.

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